Our way on sustainability

Our way on sustainability

Starting from 2023, we have decided to undertake on a path of a better sustainability, following the international standard of Global Sustainable Tourism Council. This scheme drives us to evaluate the sustainability of our structure considering not only the environmental, but also the managing, social, economic and cultural point of view.


At Rosolina Mare Club Holiday Village, we are committed to continuously improving our sustainability program, increasing the positive and reducing negative impacts produced by our business. 



Ecological and efficient purchases

  • A4 paper certificate FSC and Ecolabel
  • A3 paper certificate PEFC and Ecolabel
  • Sustainable eco-friendly pens at the reception office, also gifted to our guests, which have replaced the disposable plastic pens
  • The reduced disposable tableware in our restaurant are biodegradable
  • Eco-sustainable detergents and dispensers in our laundry

We also pay particular attention to reduce unsustainable packaging and non-reusable products:

  • We use water dispenser with returnable bottle
  • We sensitize our guests to drink water from the tap by hanging stickers near the sink
  • In the public toilet and working areas there are rechargeable soap dispenser
  • We provide employees with thermal flasks to reduce the use of disposable drinking glasses


Water Saving

The Po Delta in Veneto Region develops itself between Po and Adige rivers, two of the major rivers in Italy, which flow into the Adriatic Sea. Despite this wealth of water, the climate crisis has begun to cause several water problems; for this reason, we are committed to reduce consumptions:

  • Water-saving aerator in the shower
  • Flow reducer for taps
  • Drip irrigation in green areas

In our Holiday Village, an independent partner manage the restaurant. Rosolina Mare Club has cooperated with him to ensure the offer of traditional dishes using local products in our gastronomic proposal.

In the menu you can find traditional dishes such as Spaghetti with clams, fresh fries fish from the Adriatic Sea and the Scardovari Mussels. Moreover, since 2023 our offer has been renewed with the inclusion of vegetarian and vegan proposals, sustainable and ethical.

Lastly, you can also find sustainable products, such as Coffee “La Reserva de Tierra Alteco Bio- Organic Lavazza”, which has 4 ecological and fair trade certifications (Rainforest Alliance, USDA Organic, Canada Organic e Certificazione EU Bio).



Inside the village, the catering service is managed by independent partners. With them, Rosolina Mare Club has initiated a dialogue to ensure the offering of traditional dishes using local products in our gastronomic proposal.

The menu features traditional dishes and local products such as spaghetti with clams, mixed Adriatic fry, and Scardovari mussels. Additionally, a portion of their menu is dedicated to vegetarian and vegan options, which are sustainable and ethical.

Lastly, there are also sustainable products such as the “La Reserva de Tierra Alteco Bio-Organic Lavazza” coffee, a product that carries 4 ecological and fair-trade certifications (Rainforest Alliance, USDA Organic, Canada Organic, and EU Organic Certification).



The Delta del Po historical and cultural heritage enhance our territory value, therefore it should be protected and promoted. 

  • we support the marching band of Rosolina, the philharmonic Vincenzo Bellini
  • we rely on local partner, such as Raffaello Navigazione, Consorzio Delta del Po Service and IAT (Tourist Information Office) regarding boat trips and excursions. 

A the disposal of our guests there are information leaflets, printed and online, on the main cultural sites of our area including:

  • Archaeological Museum of San Basilio 
  • National Archaeological Museum of Adria
  • Reclamation regional  Museum in Ca’ Vendramin 
  • Ocarina Museum, in Grillara 
  • Adria Cathedral  Museum



We take care of our territory, respecting the flora and the fauna that live here:

  • we foster  the destination guidelines for visiting natural sites
  • we inform our guest concerning the correct way to interact with animals through adequate information on our website
  • we cooperate with skilled touristic guide
  • we arranged shelters for animals, such as houses for bats
  • we financially support WWF

To improve our involvement in preservation, we are committed to activating projects with local associations.