Have you been dreaming of a smoke-free beach for years?

Here at Holiday Village Rosolina Mare Club your dream becomes reality.

To be in line with the natural context in which we live and to protect the health of our guests from active and passive smoking, we have banned smoking on the beach, making it a smoking free area.
In defining the implementation of the smoking prohibition, the project includes the setting up of an equipped and delimited area, within which it is possible to smoke, as marked on the map.


  • The smoking area is delimited by wooden structures to be recognizable.
  • The new regulation will also be extended to the use of e-cigarettes.
  • If there are bathers who, despite clear and widespread signs, decide to smoke on the beach freely without following the prohibition, you can contact the lifeguards and the beach service to report the non-compliance with the ban.


For further questions and suggestions please contact…

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